Upstaa F.A.Q.

We want to inform everyone who is considering an Upstaa, or who has just bought one, as well as possible. That is why we have made this list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question or if you have questions about an answer, please email us. We like to help you because we want everyone to be as happy with our Upstaa as we are!

Questions about the Upstaa.

What exactly is the Upstaa?

The Upstaa is a workplace raiser for your laptop or monitor so that you can easily work standing up.

What the Upstaa made of?

The Upstaa is available in three different sustainable woods: birch plywood, bamboo, and walnut.

Do I need tools or glue to assemble the Upstaa?

No, the Upstaa is made in such a way that you can assemble and disassemble it without screws or glue. As often as you want. Here you see how.

Questions about using the UPSTAA.

Who is the Upstaa meant for?

The Upstaa is meant for anyone who works a lot while sitting at a computer. Woman, man, child, student, full-time student, part-timer, self-employed ... Anyone who wants to live and work more actively and healthier can use an Upstaa.

Can I use the Upstaa in the office?

Certainly! The Upstaa can be placed anywhere. The majority of our customers are business users.

I am self-employed / part-timer. Is the Upstaa something for me?

Absolutely! Not only business users but also many freelancers and part-timers who work part of their time at home make extensive use of the Upstaa. Because of its simple construction, you can put it on your temporary desk or on the kitchen table. At the end of the day, you can easily take it away again.

Do you have to learn to work standing up?

Yes, we all did. In the beginning you will notice that you have to get into your flow. We advise everyone to take the time to get used to standing work. Alternating between sitting and standing works best. Tip: in the beginning, for example, deal only with your email standing up so you can get used to it.

How long is it best to work standing up?

Our advice: vary a lot! Start with 15 minutes each hour. Later, when you are used to it, you can expand this a bit. But above all, we are for your doing what feels good. Everyone is different and you feel the best for what is good for you. Did we mention that we are for a lot of alternating? 😉

I have an Upstaa. Can I sell my office chair now?

No, certainly not! The best is a lot of variation. Sitting all the time is not good for you, nor is standing all the time. It’s best to alternate, standing around fifteen minutes per hour.

How do I best set up myself and my equipment?

We advise using the Upstaa in combination with an extra keyboard and separate mouse or drawing tablet on the bottom shelf. You can place your laptop or screen on the top shelf.

Arms: Put the bottom shelf at the front at a height that is comfortable for you, but keep in mind that your elbows are best at an angle of about 90 degrees. Then your wrists rest on the work area intended for that. Keep your shoulders relaxed and let them hang calmly. Do not keep them hunched up or cramped!

Head: Set the top shelf so that you work with your head at a very small angle, approximately 30 degrees or less.

I do not have a laptop. Can a monitor be placed on the Upstaa?

The Upstaa is originally intended for a laptop but we also have a lot of users who work with a screen. Whether you like it is very personal. We recommend that the Upstaa be loaded with no more than 4 kilos.

Does the Upstaa scratch my desk or table?

No, because there is a smooth beveled edge on the Upstaa. But we also supply sticky feet for safety.

How can I best store the Upstaa?

When you are not using your Upstaa you can store it in the box it was delivered in.

What’s the best way to clean the Upstaa?

You can clean the surfaces of the Upstaa with a damp cloth and a little multi cleaner. The side of the birch wood version can be refreshed once a year with fine sandpaper.

Do you also have a carrying bag for the Upstaa?

Not at the moment. We are thinking about making one in the future.

Questions about health and standing works.

How much do we actually sit each day?

18.5% of Europeans sit more than 7.5 hours a day. If we look at the sitting behavior of each country, it turns out that the Netherlands is leading the way. 32.1% of the Dutch population sits more than 7.5 hours a day, followed by Denmark (31.7%) and the Czech Republic (26.5%). The Spaniards sit the least of all Europeans. Only 8.9% of the Spanish population sits more than 7.5 hours a day. So the Netherlands is European champion, and that is not so nice. ;-(

Why is sitting so bad for you?

Sitting too much is really bad for your health. This is evident from various national and international studies. Because if you sit too long, you hardly use your muscles and it impedes circulation in your legs and arms. Sitting too long can eventually cause complaints to your muscles and bones and tissue. Think of a stiff neck, shoulders and arm pain, RSI or back problems. By sitting still, sugars and fats are also less well absorbed by your body than when you move. This can lead to serious health problems. Even Diabetes type 2 and Alzheimer's are associated with too much sitting. More information can be found here and here

Is Standing working then the solution to all these problems?

Only standing is not the solution. Nor is only sitting. An active working attitude and a lot of alternating between sitting and standing work is, in our view, the best way to stay healthy if you have sedentary work. Sit less and vary more!

Questions about ordering the Upstaa.

What is the delivery time of a Upstaa?

We ship your Upstaa no later than two working days after receiving the payment. If possible, we can do it earlier. If it ships later, we will inform you about this.

Can I order an Upstaa on invoice (pro forma invoice)?

Yes, this is a possibility for business customers. Business customers can simply place their order online in our web shop. After all desired products have been added to the shopping basket, click the <Continue to checkout> button. After filling in the invoice details, write in the <Order notes> field the text: “Business order - payment within 21 days.” To complete the order, choose the <Transfer> option at the bottom of the page. If you agree with the terms and conditions and click on the button <Place order> then the order is placed. An email is automatically sent to the specified email address containing the invoice and the request to transfer the invoice amount to us within 21 days. By the text: “Business order - payment within 21 days” in the order notes we know that it is a business order and we will send it within two working days to the specified shipping address. We greatly appreciate it if the payment term is respected.

How does the shipment of the Upstaa work?

After receiving your payment, the Upstaa will be sent in a custom-made flat cardboard box of 80x37.5x7 cm via MyParcel (a PostNL Partner. Shipments can be tracked via track & trace. As soon as the package has been delivered to a PostNL location, an email is automatically sent to the specified email address containing the track & trace code).

Tip: keep the box. It’s useful for temporarily storing the Upstaa.

an I have the Upstaa sent to a different address or PostNL package point?

Yes, indeed! After filling in all invoice details, click in the box <Send to another address?> and enter the details of the desired delivery address.

Questions about warranty, exchange and return.

Is there a guarantee on a Upstaa?

There is a guarantee against breakage and cracking of the Upstaa. There is no guarantee against damage from bumps and scratches.

If I decide that the Upstaa is not for me can I return it?

Yes, that's possible. If you order and pay for the Upstaa you can try it for two weeks to your heart's content! If you decide it is not for you and if it is undamaged then you can return it. Via the mail you receive a PostNL label from us with which the Upstaa can be returned in the original box. If we have received it in good order, we will refund the purchase amount (excluding shipping costs) back to you. You only pay the postage. You can also read this in our general terms and conditions.

We want customers to be really happy with our product! So do you want a different color, or do you want to exchange the "normal" keyboard board for an XL version? That's no problem. Just send an email to with your wishes and we will contact you as soon as possible.