Easy stand-up working

Upstaa is a smart stand for your existing desk that allows you easily to work standing up. Regularly changing position and not sitting too long when you work is good for you. Sitting too long restricts circulation in your legs and arms and can cause muscle, and bone, nerve and tissue complaints. Stiff necks, RSI, and shoulders, arms, and back pain are frequent results of a wrong (sitting) working position. That is why sitting is called the new smoking.

A smart stand

Upstaa facilitates easy quick changes freeing you from staying all day in one position. Upstaa is a cleverly thought-out wooden stand for your existing desk that is easily assembled (and taken apart) without glue or screws. Time after time. As often as you like. Upstaa’s height is easily adjustable, making it suitable for people of all sizes. Upstaa makes working standing up easy and affordable.

Upstaa and Upstaa XL comes in five colours – white, black, blue, red and yellow – plus a natural birch wood version. Our production processes carefully respect people and the environment. We use only approved wood from sustainably managed and monitored forests. We use efficient flat packs for shipping and our packing material contains no plastic or PVC.


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